Photographer: Zoë Popper

National University of Ireland, Galway

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(1) NZ Christmas tree (2) Armeria (3) Drosera (4) Marsh orchid (5) Nigella sp. (6) Apples (7) Oleander (8) Window boxes Chile (9) Passion flower (10) Grapes (11) Banana leaf (13) Summer berries (14) Onion family (16) Dryas octapetala L. (17) Dryas octapetala L. (18) Campanula rotundifolia L. (21) Sweet chestnut (22) Shady Avenue (24) Equisetum sp. (25) Tendrils (26) Tomatoes (27) Geranium sp. (30) Teasle (Dipsacus fullonum L.) pollination (33) Grass flowers (34) Figs (35) Summer berries (36) Fern