The Fascination of Plants Day Images

EPSO purchased the following 13 high resolution images which you can use subject to announcements / events / reports on the Fascination of Plants Day.

Due to license agreements we are not allowed to enable downloads of high resolution images to the public.

Ask for an internal link to download all images in high resolution quality and send a message to Ronald Hirt

- ref: FooDFactory (MR.SURAKIT HARNTONGKUL) (bread)
- ref: Skynesher (kristian sekulic) (family gardening)
- ref: kryczka (farmer and carrots field)
- ref: rotofrank ( field of oilseed rape canola )
- ref: ElementalImaging (flower with bee)
- ref: Aluxum (Cristian Baitg) (Fruits and vegetables)
- ref: kryczka (harvesting combine in the field)
- ref: ZoneCreative (kid blows dandelion flower )
- ref: Johnny Lye (meandering river)
- ref: ansonsaw (plant emerging from seed)
- ref: R9_RoNaLdO - Sarun Laowong (sun through trees )
- ref: Bartosz Hadyniak (Tea picker)
- ref: Wageningen UR (sweet capsicum)